Zoning Permits need to be completed for all projects that increase the foot-print of structures; for fence projects; new signage or new businesses.   Please complete and submit with a copy of the property survey with the location of the proposed development penciled in, as well as indicating the height and material of any fencing material penciled in.  The zoning permit requires submission of a $50 fee.  

As our Borough Offices continue to be under a cautionary closure, you can submit at the mailbox/dropbox at the Office Trailer, 723 West Atlantic Avenue, Laurel Springs, 08021 or mailed USPS.  Everything will be electronically to the Zoning Officer for approval, and will email you the response.  Please make sure a legible email and phone number are included on the application.  

Should you have any questions or concerns, please email me at [email protected]-nj.com.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Dawn Amadio 856-784-0500x14